Avirett Psychological

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an Appointment?

You can call 806.513.2008 and leave a message on the voicemail. Dr. Avirett’s office will return most calls within 1 to 2 business days. Voice calls are secure and HIPAA compliant. You may also text 806.513.2008 but note that text messages are not HIPAA compliant. You may also send a message through the “contact” tab of this website, or, email info@avirettpsychological. Email messages are not HIPAA compliant; however, we can help you download a secure messaging forum, per request. We will return emails and texts within 1 business day.

What ages does your office serve?

Avirett Psychological primarily sees children, adolescents, and young adults ages 2 through 25.

Does your office have current openings?

Call 806.513.2008, and listen to the current voicemail, to hear current availabilities for evaluations and therapy.

Does your office take insurance?
No. We do not currently take insurance or Medicaid. However, itemized bills are provided, which the patient’s family may submit to insurance for reimbursement. We can provide expected costs, hours, and CPT codes, upon request. The patient’s family can use the information to determine potential insurance reimbursement, prior to scheduling therapy or an evaluation.
What is involved in an evaluation?

An evaluation typically consists of 3-4 appointments. The first is the parent consultation meeting, which takes approximately one hour. Your child does not need to be at this meeting. The next one to two appointments are direct testing appointments with your child. These are typically scheduled in one or two 3- to 4-hour blocks of time. For children under 6, we ask that parents stay nearby during the appointment. For older children, parents may leave during the testing appointments, but be prepared to pick your child up for lunch, if they are scheduled for a full day appointment. After the final testing session, we will spend 3-6 hours scoring the tests and writing a comprehensive report. The final feedback session is usually scheduled 2-3 weeks after the final testing session. This appointment takes 60 minutes and is when we will review the results of testing and recommendations for the home and school settings.

Can I ask my school to test my child?
Yes! If your child has an educational need for testing or services at school, you may request an evaluation. The best way to proceed is typically to write a letter or email to the school principal or assistant principal outlining your child’s educational need for an evaluation. They should respond to you within 14 days. If the school agrees to complete an evaluation, they have 45 school days (approximately 9 school weeks) from the time you sign the consent to finish the evaluation. They then have 30 days to meet for an ARD meeting, which is where you will discuss the report as a group and decide if your child would benefit from accommodations and/ or modifications in the school setting.
What is the difference between the school's testing and an evaluation through Avirett Psychological?
The school-based testing is focused on your child’s school experience and their educational need for services. Professionals within the school will assess your child’s cognitive skills, behaviors, social skills, emotions, and/or academic skills in order to determine if they meet eligibility for a federally recognized disability category. School-based evaluations are free and are often a great place to start. The time frame from first requesting the evaluation to having the final meeting typically takes several months.

Our testing extends beyond an educational need for testing and assesses your child’s strengths and weaknesses in the home and school settings. We utilize neuropsychological testing to gather complex information regarding how your child’s brain processes information.